Though you are evil

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters,

Though you are evil.


I was reading the bible the other day and was immersed in the words and teachings of The LORD Jesus CHRIST.


You know what,  I was mesmerised and awestricken ( a peaceful/joyful/humble/adorable Awe) when I read Jesus telling the people “…If you then, being evil…” and immediately  “…your Father who is in heaven …”


Jesus Christ the SON OF God telling me the truth (which I can’t or wouldn’t face or admit about myself) that though I am evil, HE refers to the relationship between myself and God as “…your Father who is in heaven …”


I don’t know about you but this was humbling to me.


Of course, I know how it is easier for me to will evil than good.


The moral of today’s Love Lesson:


God is Love who is The Only One capable of loving us while we were evil sinners.

Final comment:


God wants us to admit that we are naturally evil people, born evil, until we are borne again form God the Father in Christ Jesus.

Now that we are born again from GOD, we are not the children of evil; we are the children of GOOD, so day by day we depart from the influence of the bad old evil trait.

AS we read Jesus Christ time after time, as we pray, fast and fellowship, as we come to church and as we read healthy spiritual books…we can easily sense that this world is indeed an evil place, the flesh weak and the evil deceives and then accuses, yes, when we know all this is as it is, we simply cry and run to God The Saviour Christ Jesus.

My conclusion:

GOD is extremely Good and Kind, even beyond our comprehension.


What God our Father says to us:

 “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?”

– Matthew 7:11

Praise TO The LORD and Glory to God.


End of Today’s Love Lessons Episode VI.




God comes time after time and squeezes my heart, I burst into laughter.

Some other times God comes and- I don’t know what He does to my heart- I burst into tears.

In all occasions it is so beautiful.

You reach to heaven and come back to earth. You see, Heaven is another Name of Jesus Christ The Son of God.

My conclusion is: God is enough+.

My recommendation: We shall Love and Fear God as of 1st importance in our tiny life time here on earth .Yea, we should Love and Fear and Seek God first of all things. All other things May come next.

And His Name is Jesus Christ.

Polite Note:

I did not want to write/share this at all, as this is an entirely personal experience of a certain boy.

After that, I was convinced that writing/sharing this may enLighten someone I never know.

After that, I concluded ,now that it is written and shared, it should be categorized ,I said, and added the message to the :

Love Lessons Collections, Episode V.

Praise The LORD and Glory to GOD.

Ever since I received the Spirit of Christ Jesus in my heart

Ever since I received the Spirit of Christ Jesus in my heart, I am filled with perpetual peace, joy, happiness, a sense of purpose, meaning of life, reason of existence and all other blessings.


I am a happy boy.


Perhaps, if there is anyone in this congregation who comes here in this church for social/financial/material/political/carnal…reasons, you are missing the Real Life. Highly likely that you have not yet given your heart, your will to Christ Jesus The Son of God.


So, I beseech you to confess your sin/to repent/to declare yourself a sinner/a transgressor/an offender.


I do beseech thee to report yourself lost & found to God.


Glory to God and Praise The LORD.


You may seek to exercise the report writing virtually and then submit your report in person at your local church.


Do that and you have passed (from Death to Life in Christ Jesus)


Your virtual reverend, with Luv.


Glory to God.



Part of The Love Lessons Series: Episode IV.



The beauty of man:Love Lessons Episode III

The beauty of man:

Love Lessons Episode III.

By Elijah Hisownkid, Home Staff Writer.


Man is beautiful BEFORE God when he knows he is weak.

Man is good BEFORE God when he by His Own Grace knows that he shall say “O my soul, thou hast said unto the LORD, Thou art my Lord: my goodness extendeth not to thee(KJV) / I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” (NIV)


Man is likeable BEFORE God if & only if he knows that he is nothing but mortal …corrupted thing. (Then God appreciates man’s self realization/actualization and gives man a new incorruptible, profitable*, prosperity* making Marvellous Business*)

*These are Spiritual/Government/Kingdom words and terms, my friend, they got nothing to do with money (there is no money in heaven. Love is the money)


Summary of Today’s Love Lesson  #3:

God is Love.